About 3DWalldecor

3DWalldecor is a young design company, which focuses on the development of three dimensional wall decoration. Since 2010, we have been providing an innovative range of three dimensional wall panels. We supply through various channels, warehouses or dealers at home and abroad.


Bamboo Wall Panels

Bamboo Wall Panels by 3DWalldecor are a unique wall covering. Modular, easy to 
apply and paintable. Furthermore, our panels are made of environmentally friendly bamboo pulp and are perfectly suitable for decorating walls and ceilings in homes, shops, restaurants, offices and meeting areas. Currently our bamboo wall panels are available in 8 unique designs.
Bamboo Wall Panel collection


Mineral Wall Panels

We’re proud to present you our latest collection of rock-hard Mineral Wall Panels. Three-dimensional interior wall panels made from reinforced industrial gypsum. These easy-to-install tiles have a seamless surface and a perfect automatic pattern repeat, and can be painted in any desired colour. Relatively light weight due to hollow backside composition and still very strong due to glass fiber reinforcement. Avialable in 4 unique designs.
Mineral Wall Panel collection


How to choose the right material?

How to pick the right panel for the job?
Compare Bamboo vs Mineral