Bamboo Wall Panels vs. Mineral Wall Panels

How to pick the right material for the job?
Have a look at this matrix to compare the specifications of our different wall surfaces.


Material: Molded bamboo pulp Molded glass fibre reinforced gypsum
Original colours: white white
Paintable: Yes Yes
Primer needed: Yes No
Finish needed: Yes No
Flame retardant: Yes Yes
Water repellent: Yes Yes
Dimensions (mm): 460 x 460 x 20 (mm) 500 x 500 x 30 (mm)
Weight per panel (gr): 275 gr 3500 – 4000 gr
Box contents: 10 panels (2,1 m2) 4 panels (1 m2)
Material thickness: 1,5 mm 10 mm
Type of installation: Temporary, permanent Permanent
Density: Medium High
Ease of installation: Easy Easy
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More information needed?

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