FAQ – Bamboo Wall Panels

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General information
What are the 3DWalldecor wall panels made of?
The eco-friendly wall panels are mainly made of bamboo paper pulp. Fire retardant, water repellent and starch containing materials have been added.
How many panels are in a box?
Each box contains 10 panels and covers 2,1m². Each panel measures 46 x 46 cm.
How thick are the panels?
Each panel is 1.5mm thick.
What is the weight of a single panel?
Each panel weighs between 250 and 300 grams.
How do I clean the panels after installation?
The panels can be conveniently dusted with a dry cloth. If necessary, you can even use a slightly moist cloth.
Are the panels hollow?
Yes. This way, they can easily be stacked during transport and the weight of each panel is limited.
Do the panels also improve sound?
3DWalldecor wall panels are primarily designed as wall decorations. Although acoustic improvements have been experienced, these effects have not been tested yet.
What colour are the 3DWalldecor wall panels?
The wall panels are a natural and standard off-while color, but can be finishied in any desired color.
Are the 3DWalldecor wall panels moisture resistant?
Yes. However they should not come into direct contact with water. Application of wall panels in (bath)rooms where there is often a lot of steam is not advisable.
How do I install the wall panels?
For permanent application, we recommend using an environmental friendly montage glue to be applied at the area at the back of each panels that is in direct contact with the wall. If a temporary application is needed, we recommend double-sided foam tape.
How do I fill seams?
Because 3DWalldecor bamboo wall panels are a modular products, small seams may occur after mounting the panels on the wall. These seams can be filled using a (paintable) acrylic filler. To avoid cracks in the paint make sure the acrylic filler dries properly before finishing the wall in desired color.
Can I cut the wall panels?
Yes, you can. Panels are best cut using a knife or a jig saw.
For the best result, cut the panels at a point where small irregularities are the least visible. For example, at floor level or where the ceiling begins. If necessary, you can use a fine sandpaper to smooth irregularities at the edges. Any unevenness between cutting edge and wall can be sealed with acrylic.
What kind of paint should be used?
Once the panels have been attached to the wall and treated with a primer, they can be painted. We recommend a matted water based latex paint, although other kinds of paint (both water and oil based) can be used. Any colour can be applied. Panels can be painted with a brush or a paint sprayer.
Can the wall panels also be applied to the ceiling?
Yes, this is possible when using a good quality glue.
Are the panels fire retardant?
Yes, the fire safety of our panels has been assessed and we have an ASTM E 84 Class A certification. For European standards, these panels are classified as: Euroclass E. This certification means that the fire and smoke development is limited and remains within the European fire safety standards.
Do the wall panels meet European safety standards?
Yes, 3DWalldecor has had extensive safety testing carried out.
The wall panels meet all European standards with regard to; fire safety, water absorption, moisture resistance and expansion rate under various conditions.


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